Effects of physical activity on cellular level:


The impacts of working out are very obvious on the body. Here’s a visible change in your otherwise flabby body – you look more fit, lean and toned down. However, there are numerous effects of exercising that are not visible to your eye. That’s because these changes happen at the cellular level. Wondering what I’m talking about? Read on to know more!

In science lectures in school, you have come across this statement many times ” Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” The cell will be dead if it doesn’t have any mitochondria in it. Apart from generating energy for the cell, Mitochondria has many more functions – regulation of cell membrane potential and cellular metabolism – metabolism, which is crucial in effectively burning calories.

So, the studies conducted show that exercising has a stunning impact on the mitochondrial capacity of the body. At the same time, the insulin sensitivity of the body also increases, and this is important to keep the risk of diabetes away from the body.

Exercise has a remarkable effect on the muscle cells too. When you exercise, the muscle cells contract – at this time, the contracted muscle cells release myokines. Myokines are proteins which play an essential role in people who have Rheumatoid Arthritis. What happens is, when a person contacts rheumatoid arthritis, his muscles become inflamed. This unbearable pain leads them to quit exercising. However, it has been found that exercise actually helps these people. The release of myokines helps to reduce inflammation and decrease the progression of this disease,


Another study has proved that exercise makes you younger! This direct effect of exercise on cells makes them younger. The telomeres are the ends of the protein caps in human chromosomes (chromosomes are an essential part of the cell). So these telomeres are markers of age and good health. Telomeres get shorter as you age and people with shorter telomeres age quickly. This doesn’t mean that people with longer telomeres live longer, but yes –people with longer telomeres have better chances to live longer and healthier.

It has been noticed, that moderate exercise has its own benefits – it cannot be denied. But the impact of high-intensity workout is the greatest. People who exercise for 150-200 minutes every week are more likely to reap better and impactful benefits.

Exercise is an essential part of your lives and doing it religiously every day will surely help you gain its benefits. Keep exercising– for a longer, healthier life!