Things you need to know about the body:


In the words of my mother, who is also a doctor, the human body is “a complex, compact and colourful mechanism”. She always mentions how stunning the human body is and even though she’s studied every part, every corner of it, she keeps saying, “I still find it amusing!” What is that makes the human body amusing? Let’s have a look at a few facts!

  1. Your bones are self-destructive! What?!! Well, listen to the logic- your bones are a storehouse of calcium, and if your body is lacking calcium, your bones will erode themselves till the calcium deposits in your body are back to normal! See how that works?
  2. Compared to its small size, the brain is the highest calorie grosser! It consumes 20% of the calories you consume and oxygen you intake! Mr Think Tank has quite a huge appetite!
  3. You more or less reach your adult height in your teenage – for girls, it’s 14-15 years and for boys 17-18 years of age. Very few people actually shoot up after puberty!
  4. Your body has a staggering level of pain threshold – how? Under tremendous pain, the brain turns off the pain-feeling capacity of the body. Only when you actually have managed to reach for help or get some medication does the switch flip back – and you’ll be back to wailing in pain!
  5. Our body is 55% water – which is why the emphasis is laid on keeping yourself hydrated at all times. You have to drink at least two litres of water to keep your bodily functions running smoothly.water
  6. Only ageing people are not vulnerable to mental illnesses – you become susceptible to mental illnesses right from your adolescence! Youngsters, beware!
  7. Without your little finger, you would lose 50% of your hand strength! Tiny finger holds the most significant responsibility!
  8. Wonder why foot massages feel so great? It’s because your feet are the shock-absorbers of your body! Every step you put a pressure that’s 1.5 times your body weight on your foot. Poor little feet!
  9. Wisdom teeth apparently came into existence because humans ages ago needed extra teeth to chew a lot of plants to get their share of calories. Ahem, we don’t need them anymore! But if you own these wisdom teeth, you’re one among the 5% people on earth who have the privilege of having “Wisdom”!
  10. Human decomposition begins 4 minutes after death. The innumerable bacteria and enzymes on and inside your body start eating you away. Gross!

I’m sure; like me, even you didn’t know most of these!